Our insensitive nature

Walking with my camera few months ago, hunting for stories I can tell with my craft, I sighted this aged woman who would probably be in her 80’s or even 90’s begging for alms from a man in his luxurious SUV. As a compassionate being (only God knows why I get emotionally connected with people’s needs easily) I didn’t know when I started shedding tears forgetting I was on one of the busiest express ways in Nigeria. Realizing this, I quickly stylishly wiped my tears and raised my camera to shoot, getting landscape and portraits orientation, I decided not to take a full image as I know I won’t be able to stand it. It was a torn bathroom footwear she was wearing at her age (and I know that danger if she should slip on a mud or tiled floor).

I wonder why we have been so insensitive to the needs of people around us, especially those who can not help themselves. Like this woman, no one will employ her. And maybe her family is all dead or something, still we need to look into housing these precious ones. They have labored on some of us and it’s time to give back to them.

It always hit me hard to see older ones beg. Such should not be, especially in the midst of such wealth as a nation. I am tasking the Nigerian government to do something about this. Save our older ones from begging and roaming the streets and let’s create homes for them, especially the homeless, internally displaced and dysfunctional older folks. This is one of the responsibilities of a functional society.

The woman pictured lives in Ifo, Ogun state, Nigeria. She goes about with her mat which she rests on when tired. She routes the environment daily, begging for alms.

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Beautiful ambience of Admirable Park

Walking around the Covenant University few months ago with a friend on a business visit to one of the new Doctors of Philosophy, I knew I was going into a property designed by one of the world best architects, Bishop David Oyedepo. I went with my camera for the 2 hours visit. We sat on this same chair for 30minutes and all the while, I was creating imaginary pictures of all I could set my eyes upon.

Finally, I stood up, asked my host if I could take some pictures and an affirmative “Yes” was the reply.

This is one of the images from the trip.

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Only when our eyes stick to the goals on our minds will we hit jackpot in our pursuits in 2016. Get focused on the real things this year. Happy new year!

A sawmill casual labourer eyeing the next point of duty after a few minutes rest. 
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The confident look of a Nigerian Male Child by Tolu Oluwapojuwo

  Watching this young boy on one of my documentary adventures for the few minutes spent with him is priceless for me as a documentary photographer. His stance rang the bell of confidence again inside of me
Confidence is a common inbuilt attitude of Africans especially Nigerians. Most of us naturally develop this from childhood and we grow with it as we age

I love Nigeria and I am proud to be black skinned though not black minded nor blind. 

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Our diversity and our future


Our diversity is a strength, not a weakness
A plus and not a minus.
It makes us formidable and impenetrable
We are a people of diverse tongues and ethnicity yet from the same origin
We have strived to be together as one people
Yet, we have survived thus far
And we will yet thrive more in coming days
We are happy people, full of life and virtue
We are Nigerians!
We are the giant of Africa!
We are one!

Tolu Oluwapojuwo
Creative Head Photographer
Chosenfazes Creativity
Instagram@toluoluwapojuwo or chosenfazescreativity.