Beautiful imperfection


red block by Tolu Oluwapojuwo

 Imperfection as it were

We don’t feel comfortable 

When it comes our way

But it appeals to our creative minds

Because its beautiful 

As long as it doesn’t hurt

It takes time to be perfect

It takes years most times

But it pays to be perfect

Though we might not experience it quickly

Accept your imperfection

Then you are set for perfection

Then the journey will be easier 

And sometimes faster

When we accept who we are

There is Beauty in imperfection 

Passwords and PIN code safety

In the days of prevailing hacking of social snd business accounts, you will need these tips to secure your accounts. 

Passwords function like keys to your personal home and office on the internet. 

You need to do everything possible to prevent people from gaining access to your password, especially now that hackers are everywhere. A recent report says one out of two people have been hacked in few hours time. So how do you keep hackers confused about your passwords?

When creating a password, you need to make sure it is 

-long and strong, 

e.g. lexwantulamforme

-a minimum of eight characters, unless otherwise stated to be shorter,

e.g. tiwadelan

-a mix of upper and lowercase letters, 

e.g. meFORever

-a mix of numbers and symbols. 


-A mix of letters and numbers (alphanumeric)

e.g. tiwa994lagos
Additional things you can do are:

Not to share your password with others.

Make your password unique to your life and not something that is easily guessed.

Avoid usual or know dates like birthday, anniversaries etc

Have a different password for each online account.

Create a different PIN for each ATM card

Write down your password and store it in a safe place away from your computer.

Change your password several times a year, at least 4-8 times.


Secure your accounts: Ask for protection beyond passwords. Many account providers offer additional ways for you verify who you are before you conduct business on that site.
Make passwords long and strong: Combine capital and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols to create a more secure password.
Unique account, unique password: Separate passwords for every account helps to thwart cybercriminals.
Write it down and keep it safe: Everyone can forget a password. Keep a list that’s stored in a safe, secure place away from your computer.

Tolu Oluwapojuwo

NIPHEC 4.0 registration details. 

     Registration is now open for the 4th edition of the Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference. 
Speakers slated for the May 2 edition of the conference include Steven Sasson (inventor of the 1st Digital camera), Ty Bello, Aisha Augie-Kuta, George Okoro, Photonimi, Akintunde Akinleye, Uche James-Iroha, among others. 
Date: May 2, 2016 

Time: 9am – 5pm 

Venue: 1/3 Methodist Street, off Ajanaku street, Salvation bus stop, Opebi, Lagos. 

Fee: #10,000

Registration before April 22nd attracts a 15% discount. 
Visit for registration details. 
For enquiries & updates follow us on Instagram (@niphec), Twitter (@NiPHEC) & Facebook ( or call (234) 8028599886, 8090681151, 8036105170

A good way to remember the last harmattan 

A good way to remember how dry the harmattan was.   
This was taken during one of my morning street walks earlier this year.  

 It is usually a mini forest in the middle of rainy season but now void of freshness in dry season. 

Good morning great minds! 

F2.8, ISO100, 1/160 sec FL@19mm & 34mm

#Smoke #Streetwalk #DrySeason #ToluOluwapojuwo #ChosenfazesCreativity #harmattan 

Getting the best out of the worst

Getting the best out of worst situation. After the 20minutes heavy rain today, some drainage channels spilled over their boundaries to main the road to the extent that even vehicles had to slow down. While others were fighting on how to get out of the mess, my instinct instructed me to pick up my camera and tripod. Here is the result. 
F22, ISO100, 0.125seconds, with tripod 
#Rain #flood #LongExposure #Drainage #ToluOluwapojuwo #ChosenfazesCreativity 


The journey has begun.

The 4th edition of the Nigeria Photography Expo and Conference will hold on May 2, 2016.

Great photopreneurs like @tybello, @georgeokoro @uchejamesiroha @photonimi @aishaak49 & others will be there to help shed more light on what it takes to THRIVE IN PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS in evolving times like this. Plan to be there.

Visit for more details.

Tag a photographer you know. #NiPHEC2016 #elophotosacademy.