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Nigerian Lizards are beautiful

There are a widespread group of squamate reptiles, with over 6000 species across all continents except Antarctica and most oceanic island 



Rainy season in Nigeria

Rainy season is on and preys are in multiple numbers for our Agama Lizard to prey on. 

Watch out for more on what happens here in Nigeria during the rainy season.

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Beautiful imperfection


red block by Tolu Oluwapojuwo

 Imperfection as it were

We don’t feel comfortable 

When it comes our way

But it appeals to our creative minds

Because its beautiful 

As long as it doesn’t hurt

It takes time to be perfect

It takes years most times

But it pays to be perfect

Though we might not experience it quickly

Accept your imperfection

Then you are set for perfection

Then the journey will be easier 

And sometimes faster

When we accept who we are

There is Beauty in imperfection 

A good way to remember the last harmattanĀ 

A good way to remember how dry the harmattan was.   
This was taken during one of my morning street walks earlier this year.  

 It is usually a mini forest in the middle of rainy season but now void of freshness in dry season. 

Good morning great minds! 

F2.8, ISO100, 1/160 sec FL@19mm & 34mm

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Getting the best out of the worst

Getting the best out of worst situation. After the 20minutes heavy rain today, some drainage channels spilled over their boundaries to main the road to the extent that even vehicles had to slow down. While others were fighting on how to get out of the mess, my instinct instructed me to pick up my camera and tripod. Here is the result. 
F22, ISO100, 0.125seconds, with tripod 
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