Idle boat at Badagry Lagoon

First #nature post for 2019

Its a new year and we so much value how much you mean to us. If not for your unabridged support all these while, we sure won’t be here.

Thank you for being there for us always.

We are set to take you on a higher, more creative, more engaging and more worthy ride into the world of nature and macro this year. We are all set. We are ready. Ride with us. Link us up. Connect with us and connect us. Engage us and commission us for your projects.

Call us to beautify your walls, create images for your gallery, lets create images for your next book, next calendar, invite us to your next exhibition, and for your company.

We are ready to travel as far as you are willing to ride with us this year.

Once again, happy new year to you and yours.

Image of a boat waiting for passengers at Badagry Lagoon.

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Window shots for Precious

My joy was discovered when you found me and now complete when we tied the knot.

Photography: @toluoluwapojuwo for @chosenfazescreativity
Makeup: @meenyjewelries
Men’s suits: @legsytaylor
Host: @iamayochukwu
Wedding gown: @outfitby_kike_ara
Aso oke: @kemzocreations
Fascinator: @denniskhushi
Location: MHQ events.

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An introduction event I love to talk about

Ibunkun chatted me up on Whatsapp last Thursday on my way to Osogbo for an uncle’s burial and asked about out introduction packages on behalf of a friend of his. We talked to a point and he connected me to Tobi, the intended groom whom we chatted as long as possible pricing back and forth. After 2 days of negotiations, we both got to a meeting point in our negotiations.

The event day came and gush, the grooms family left for Lagos late and arriving 4 hours later than expected. But it was fun hanging out with the bride and her beautiful family. We had a good time together.

Nigeria at 58

I believe in the new emerging Nigeria of our dream.
A land of plenty,
of strength,
of grace,
of fulfillment,
of equality,
of justice and fairness,
of prosperity,
of health,
of wealth,
of honour and every good thing that makes a nation.



Happy independence Nigeria

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Bridal inspiration

She only has one day to look her best as a bride…

So why not appear classic and stylish away from normal looks…

And get iconic shots like these ones…

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Pre-birthday shoot for Mrs Eniola Adedokun

Earlier on this year, a call came in asking if we were available for a birthday shoot next day but unfortunately we weren’t. It was a call from Mrs Adedokun for her Hubby’s surprise birthday. 

Fast forward to June 2016.

I met her at her friend’s daughter’s birthday and she lamented missing us at the birthday having seen so many of our image posts, photo books and picture frames in several places. After long discussion, I made her a promise to be available for her birthday come September. 

Surprisingly, she showed up beautifully a day before but looking sleepy and stressed out due to overwork in preparation for the birthday. Then we got gusting outside photography. My staff and students were surprised at the gestures and flow that one of them asked if she is my sister. 

After few minutes of discussion, I notice the face got lit up. Then we started shooting and shooting and shooting that she eventually changed 4times. I did my best to engage her all through the shoot.

Indeed, I could say she has a beautiful soul made evident in her friendly and welcoming face.