About today. During church service today, my teenagers (in the teens’ church) decided on a topic so broad and deep i had to employ the wisdom of God to handle a bit of it. 

Being a variety Sunday, we agreed to pray, discuss and learn new songs. So i threw it to them as they earlier requested to decide what topic to discuss on. 

Several topics popped up but we picked THE FUTURE! Sounded analogous but we agreed further to dwell on the topic bit by bit. So i started wt Marriage, Relationship then Money (just 5 minutes tit bits on the first two) but when i mentioned Money, i noticed the excitement was much more than the first and common two issues. 

“Money” one of them screamed. “Yes dearie”, i answered. 

And for the first time in their lives, they heard 5 truths about money that some of them never heard before. And am sure some adults never even know these truths. Sincerely, most of then left church happier and wiser than they came. 

We discussed the following:

1. Money is an instrument. 

2. Money has a spirit behind it called mammon (Lk 16:13) which you must put under subjection. 

3. Money takes up the character of its possessor. 

4. Money loves to serve and as well love to master people (lk 16:13)

5. Money can be your best friend or your worst enemy. 

After the discussion, i made an alter call for salvation and rededication and 5 wonderful souls came out. 

Am glad to be restored and used to help these awesome destinies. 

#ServingGodOnPurpose #purpose #ToluOluwapojuwo #Teaching #Money #PassionForTeens #FatherFigure 


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