I am not yet the best (in whatever capacity you might connect me with)

Yet, I thrive to always do better than I ever did. 
Some call that excellence or excellent spirit, Yes! 
But I also call it Intentional Growth
If by any chance I might attain the pinnacle of my pursuit here on earth. 
Reaching the highest height, set before I was conceived. 
With God on my side,
Christ working in, with and through me, 
The Holy Spirit leading, teaching and encouraging me,
The Angels of God always on guard, 
I trust that I will Be, Do, and Express MY BEST
Then my generation will realize I have never been in competition with no other man but me. 
Thriving to be better than my immediate passed minute. 
I am Tolu Oluwapojuwo
A Civil Engineer by certificate
A photographer by profession (Head Photographer at Chosenfazes Creativity)
A documentary photographer by self discovery
A lover of God and people
A Christ follower by Call
A Husband by Grace
A Father by privilege
An entrepreneur by divine selection
A trainer by assignment
A teacher by inspiration
A dreamer by nature
A goal getter by default
A tireless worshipper of The Only True God
A Highflier by choice
A people person by nature
A Yoruba by mother tongue (lols)
A Nigerian by geographical location
An African by birth
A Black skinned by divine arrangement (I so love this one)

#PersonalExpression #ILoveMe #ProductOfGrace #IBelieveInMe #ToluOluwapojuwo #AgentOfChange #Entrepreneur #EntrepreneurForGod #OnAssignmentForGod #PassionatePhotographer #GodAtWork #ChristInMe


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