For me, the summary of 2014 for leading one of the most creative team ever is this:
‘The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.’
– Albert Einstein

To everyone who believe in us in the outgoing business year, thanks a trillion

To everyone who referred us to one or two, we are so grateful.

To everyone who challenged and pushed us beyond limits, you are God sent.

To everyone who patronized and called for our service, “na you biko” and we promise to wow you with more value for your money in 2015.

To everyone of our fans, our promoters and our ‘unpaid’ advertisers, you are wonderful people. God will reward you for us.

To everyone thinking of patronizing us, a trial will definitely glue you to us for a lifetime.

To all our MENTORS and ADVISORS both online and one on one, you are our guiding angels.

To family, friends, neighbors, colleagues etc your encouragement is working miracles in us.

To everyone of our critics, you made us grow faster.

Indeed 2014 was our year yet looking forward to 2015 – the greatest and more promising year ever.

Thank you Nigerians and Happy new year to you all.

Watch out! 2015 is our year in CHOSENFAZES CREATIVITY

Tolu Oluwapojuwo


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